November 16, 17, 18, 2018

el-up, Barcelona


Raw Essence is a heartfelt co-creation between two yoginis and close friends, Marta Carrascal and Miriam Ropschitz. Both women are dedicated to sharing yogic and tantric practices with integrity – honouring their roots and the cultures which birthed them.

Raw Essence was created from our experience as yoga students and teachers. We felt in many modern yoga offerings a disconnection from and repression of the feminine. We see famous teachers dishonouring the way a woman's body differs from a man's and how alienating and 'othering' this feels to attend yoga classes, workshops and trainings in which no regard is given to our bodies as women. 

A global shift is happening and the feminine is rising.

Raw Essence offers workshops and immersions which offer rising women ways to connect, empower, ground and expand. 

At the heart of Raw Essence's offerings is a dedication to truth, respect and reverence. We want our offerings to be accessible to as many women as possible and are constantly innovating ways in which we can meet these intentions. 


Event schedule

⬖ F R I D A Y November 16 ⬖

15h-18h Workshop one: Cycle Awareness with Miriam 

A lack of education and understanding surrounding menstruation leaves many women disconnected from their Moon Cycles. For many, this time is inconvenient, painful and limiting. This workshop offers an alternative perspective: that Moon Time is one of the great feminine siddhis (special powers): a time for inner-enquiry, insight and heightened knowledge. 

You will learn: 
* Pain-free menstruation 
• Your Moon Cycle's four phases
• Rituals for a sweet Moon Time
•The significance of lunar energy 
• Menstruation as siddhi 
•The history of forgotten blood wisdom 
• Create your monthly Moon Map

⬖ S A T U R D A Y November 17 ⬖
⬖ S U N D A Y November 18 ⬖

10h–13h: The breath as an invitation to new life force, prana, abundance and space. Assisted breathing, Moon Sequence practice, Yoga Nidra for women.

16h–19h: Workshop Two: Hatha Yoga For Women
The fundamental texts of Hatha Yoga were written by men, for the male body. The most famous lineages were headed by men and popularised militaristic and linear applications of yoga asana. A woman's body is different to a man’s and yet this is rarely reflected in the way modern yoga is taught, despite the fact that 80% of those practising are women. During moon time, pregnancy and after giving birth or losing/terminating a pregnancy, a woman has very particular needs for her wellbeing and safety. How many yoga classes can fully welcome a woman, her body and her distinct needs? This workshop deconstructs the masculinity paradigm of yoga and finds ways to rediscover its feminine roots. 

You will learn:
• To reclaim yoga from the male-body template
• Tune your yoga practice to your Moon Time
•The Pelvic floor in Yoga 
• Yin Yoga sequence for soft days
• Asana sequence for menstruation; sequence for ovulation 
• Finding fluidity, flow and grace in your asana practice
•The way of the yogini - ancient inspirations for modern practitioners 

·10h – 13h Assisted breathing, slow vinyasa & creative practice (structure versus creative), 5 elements massage in pairs.

15h – 18h Workshop Three: Pleasure Practice
With so much mis-information and shame surrounding our bodies, unrealistic images of the yoni in pornography and sexual union reduced to the peak experience of orgasm, many women are cut off from the true power of their sexual nature. There is so much more to experience than the short, tension-releasing clitoral orgasm: your yoni is a door to the divine within you. This workshop is a celebration of our bodies as sources of unfathomable pleasure. First, you will learn how to revere your yoni beyond the limited understanding of popular culture, to de-armour her, release pain and tension and how to take responsibility for your own pleasure so that you may guide your partners in ways to pleasure you. 

You will learn:
•The yoni as the source of all life 
• Yoni mapping - understand how your yoni works
• The different kinds of orgasm
•Pelvic floor health
ªReleasing pain and increasing sensitivity in your yoni 
• Using a jade egg/crystal wand to tone, relax and release

• Activating the cervix 

• Creating your own self-pleasure rituals 



* P R I C E S *
Early bird till Nov 1st: 130€ 
After Nov 1st: 160€ 

Only FRI: 50€.
Only SAT: 80€.
Only SUN: 80€.

Limited spaces available

Max 15 women

Email: myrawessence@gmail.com
Tlf: +34 627 96 82 11

© 2018 by Miriam Ropschitz